Follow Up

Follow Up

Following Up With Leads and Members

Simple follow up suggestions for

  • New Free Members
  • New Upgraded Members – Coming Soon
  • Broadcasting to your subscribers

New Free Members

If your new free members has included a phone number


Hi NAME, it’s [your name] from Now Lifestyle. Thank you for signing up. I wanted to give you a quick call to let you know I am here to help.

Send a TEXT!

Hi NAME, it’s [your name] from Now Lifestyle. Thank you for signing up. When are you available for a chat or a call?

Search Facebook

Grab your new Free member’s email address and go to Facebook to search for them via their email address. If Facebook locates them and it’s the same name as registered, send them a friend request and then send them a message using FB Messenger

Hi NAME, just checking in to see if you are the same NAME that recently signed up for a free account with me in Now Lifestyle

Broadcasting to your Free Members & Subscribers

Here are some topics you can write about in your daily broadcasts

  • Send replays of webinars
  • Ask them if they are online
  • Ask them to send me a text message
  • Ask them to connect on Facebook
  • Invite them to live webinars
  • Send them good advertising sources that I use
  • Ask if they have questions
  • Ask them if you have their correct number and to reply with the correct one so that you can call them
  • Remind them to visit our Team Blog for step by step
  • Send them a replay of the opportunity/compensation video