Welcome to NLS Team Legere

Welcome to NLS Team Legere

Now Lifestyle and Team Legere

Hello and welcome to our Team Training and Support site.

Please take the time to fill out the form to subscribe to our special members’ list to stay up to date with our Now Lifetsyle Team live webinars, Company webinars and Company updates.

We are your team leads, Janet & Don Legere and we are excited to help you grow your Now Lifestyle Business and get in the best shape of your life.

It’s simple, it’s real and YOU CAN DO IT!


6 Replies to “Welcome to NLS Team Legere”

  1. I finally feel like I can do this. I got pulled in the wrong direction.
    I now know there is a team out there.
    I still feel lost, but now I know I have someone out there I can ask questions to.
    Thank You for making me part of your team.

    1. Your username is MLSDynamics and you setup your password when you joined.

      What happens when you reset your password? If you cannot get the login to work, let me know and I’ll delete your account and you can signup again ok?

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