NLS Team Legere Recognition

NLS Team Legere Recognition

Friday Recognition at Team Legere

Sorry for being late, it’s been a busy week with Grandchildren! Thanks to Now Lifestyle, we can be an active part of their lives.

Without further ado, it’s time to recognize all our Team Members who sponsored over the past 7 days.

Here is our list of active members, Huge Congratulations to:

Lee Tomnuk
Michaela Hasslberger
Maureen Charlton
Wayne Randall
Gregg & Jennie Johnson
Anne Sanders
Will Buckley
Rob Gehring
Rebecca Stamer
Barbara Forberg
Kermit Hopson
Carlos Loureiro
Marshall Baldwin
Ray Wizard
Paul Hadas

What a week! Many of these members are earning a great income with NLS and you can be too!

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Focus, determination and following our simple steps at

Team training for ALL Now Lifestyle Members!

Welcome new members,

Janet and Don Legere
We are here to serve

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