NLS Custom Funnel

NLS Custom Funnel

The Team2Profit NLS Custom Funnel

Thank you to Leader, Rob Gehring for offering this service.

I am experiencing great results with this capture page using Udimi Solo ads, it also works exceptionally well with MLM Leads. Either way, you will build an active list with this capture page AND start branding YOU at the same time.

Below, you will find information the the Custom Funnel and instructions on how to get your own.

What is the Team2Profit NLS Custom Funnel

The Custom Funnel is a Customized Capture Page/Thank You Page designed for our Now Lifestyle Members.  This funnel is designed for PAID Traffic! We all know how important it is to begin building your list and this custom funnel is breaking conversion records!

Included with your Personalized Custom Funnel is a Lifetime JV Membership to Rob Gehring’s Traffic Leads2Income VM, which is an active resource in our Team2Profit downline builder.

What you will get:

  • Customized capture page
  • Personally customized thank you page
  • LIFETIME JV Membership at TL2IVM

Custom Capture Page

Custom Thank You Page

Click the image to view the video

What you will need

  • Membership at Team2Profit
  • Membership at TL2IVM
  • Auto-Responder Form Code (NLS Shared Code)
  • Your Personal YouTube Video for Thank you Page

Setting Up Your NLS Auto-Responder

Below is a shared campaign code you can use with the NLS Stand Alone auto-responder. This code will add two messages to your follow up. You will need to edit these messages with your own details.

Shared Code Qj8PRuNjaNKV

CAUTION:  You must add the code to the COPY SHARED CAMPAIGN field in order to be able to edit the messages. DO NOT add to the shared campaign field. Please look at the graphic below!

Your YouTube Video

This will be a short script to say hello, tell a bit about yourself, where you are from and why you are excited about Now Lifestyle. Encourage them to signup “below” for a free account. Feel welcomed to edit the script in your own words. Try not to make the video too long, it’s just a bridge video and should be 1 to 2 minutes.

Hi, Thank you for subscribing to my list to learn more about making money from home. My name is __________ and I am excited to introduce you to a Company that is changing lives. It’s certainly changing mine. The Company is called Now Lifestyle, created by Joel Therien. Now Lifestyle is a very simple fitness program where Joel will show you how to get in the best shape of your life working out just 7 minutes a day, 3 days a week .. and yes, it really does work and it works fast. But the best part about Now Lifestyle is that I get paid to introduce others, like you, to this life changing program. You can get started for free and have a look around to see if this is something you would like to do. Take the next step and click the link below and signup for your free account. I’ll get notice and will contact you personally. I look forward to it, see you inside.

Once your video is recorded, you will want to upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

How To Get YOUR Custom Capture Page

The cost for the Custom Funnel for Non T2P members is normally $247.47 but as a member of Team2Profit, you get the Custom Capture Page AND a Lifetime JV Upgrade at Tl2IVM for almost half the price!

T2P Members Pay ONLY $124.97

INCLUDES a Lifetime JV Membership to Rob Gehring’s TrafficLeads2IncomeVM.

NOTE:  if you are already a JV Upgraded member at TL2IVM or you ONLY want the Custom Funnel and not the JV Upgrade, you can get the NLS Custom Funnel for just $50.00. Contact Rob via the FAQ, Ask Admin for details.

Steps to get your Custom Capture Page

Step One – Traffic Lead 2 Income VM

First order of business is a membership with TL2IVM. If you are not yet a member, you can join from the T2P Downline builder.

Join TL2IVM from the T2P downline builder.

As a Team2Profit member, you will receive a promo code for 10000 credits AND an upgrade to T2P Level at TL2IVM.

Step Two – Login to TL2IVM to request Your Upgrade

T2P Level Upgrade

To get the first level upgrade to T2P Level, you need to submit a support ticket and let Rob know your T2P username so we can verify your membership.

Step 3 – Pay for your Custom Funnel

Once upgraded to this level, you can get the special pricing of $124.97 for the Custom Funnel AND JV Upgrade under the Buy Credits Section.

NOTE:  if you are already a JV Upgraded member at TL2IVM or you ONLY want the Custom Funnel and not the JV Upgrade, you can get the NLS Custom Funnel for just $50.00. Contact Rob via the FAQ, Ask Admin for details.

Once you make your purchase, go back to the FAQ, Ask Admin area and send a support ticket in with your details for Rob to create your custom funnel.

Include your Auto-Responder Form Code, YouTube Video Link and your Now Lifestyle Username.

Here is the replay of our training call we did where I showed you how to setup your Auto-Responder for the Custom Funnel


5 Replies to “NLS Custom Funnel”

  1. Thanks so much hope I can start getting paid online into my PayPal account this seamed a little difficult though I should get through it thanks 🙏🏽 so much for the chance now let’s get money making

  2. Is this still going on, Because i heard there were some problems with Funnel X and Now Lifestyle? Does this include a full funnel?

    1. Hi William, not sure what you mean, Team2Profit does NOT use FunnelX and never did. As you can see in our post, we use The Conversion Pros. I see you are not yet a member of our Team2Profit system. It IS free to join and you gain access to all of my personal training for Now Lifestyle. Let me know how I can help 🙂 Janet

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