A Wealth Building Plan of Action

A Wealth Building Plan of Action

Thanks to the online marketing pioneers the advances in online technology has manifested an environment where anyone can create a sustainable annual income. That is why more and more people like us are building our business online. It is cheap. It is plug and play and the income and wealth creation has no ceiling. Unlimited!

Now Life Style gives you everything you need and more. Your membership is all inclusive.

  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Shark Auto Response System
  • Email Series – Done For You
  • Live Coaches for Support and to Answer Your Questions
  • My Own Meeting Online Conference Center
  • Face Book Fan Page
  • Education
  • Live Weekly Seminars
  • Hands on Leadership
  • Exercise & Dietary Plan

All you need to do is to send people to your capture pages and then follow up. It really can’t get any easier than that!

Membership Costs

All In Membership Costs (one time fee) $      997
Monthly Fee’s @ $50 $      600
Initial Annual Membership Costs $   1,597


Now from a home business perspective, a start up cost of $997 with an annual cost of $600 for a business startup is a absolute bargain. Especially, when you consider the costs associated with any other type of business. For example a Lawn Care Start up needs a lot of equipment and the means to get from job to another. This requires an investment that often exceeds $50,000.

When thinking back to when Janet and I made the decision to go “ALL IN” as online marketers in the 90’s, it was not an easy decision. It would take a sizable investment in technology, education, time and money. Yes we had sales, accounting and computer networking skills. However, we lacked the programming skills necessary to help our dreams come to fruition.

In our first year we easily burned through $50,000 investing in the knowledge, people and technology we needed to succeed. Everything, and I mean everything had to be built from scratch. From programming, copy writing and promotion. Internet marketing required tremendous knowledge or a deep wallet. We studied hard and learned a lot.

That was yesterday.  Today, it’s different. All you need are leads.

The Plan of Action

Leads are the life blood of business. Without people to talk to you have nothing. Marketing has one focus and one focus only, developing and nurturing leads. The question is where will the leads come from?

You can find them yourself or, pay a professional to do it for you. Either way you will need an advertising budget. Purchasing leads gives you a definite shortcut to success. We recommend purchased leads.

Marketing Investment (monthly)

Amount Invested Number of Prospects Avg Number of Sales Initial Earnings Per Sale $500
$  200 100 2 $  1,000
$  400 200 4 $  2,000
$  600 300 6 $  3,000
$  800 400 8 $  4,000
$1,000 500 10 $  5,000
$1,200 600 12 $  6,000
$1,400 700 14 $  7,000
$1,600 800 16 $  8,000
$1,800 900 18 $  9,000


Your ROI (Return on Investment) on your advertising budget in this example is a healthy 500% and is typical of the results of Solo Ad Providers who provide high quality prospects. Often these prospects are ready to start a business of their own and for this example it is assumed that they will start with an ALL IN Membership that pays you $500.

The Chart above does not include residual income of $25 per month per person.

There is No Such Thing as Luck

All success wants is an intelligent plan of action (anyone can do) for selling the products and services that are in high demand online. Raise your expectations, reach higher and always center the sales process around an all in membership.

Team 2 Profit provides a listing of Solo Ad and Safe List Providers in their members area. Share these providers with your prospects and when they purchase ads, you get paid. In a later post I will discuss why it is important for you to get paid daily in your online business.

You can login to your Team 2 Profit Members Area, by Clicking Here

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