Get Traffic

Get Traffic

Get Traffic to Your NLS Capture Pages

Now that your follow up messages are setup, you will want to send traffic to your favourite lead capture page.

  • Paid Traffic
  • Free Traffic
  • Webinar Replay

Paid Traffic

  • NLS Solo Ad Recommendation
  • Udimi Solo Ads
  • MLM Leads Auto-Pilot Traffic

Now Lifestyle So Ad Recommendation

Now Lifestyle offers a good Solo Ad source in your Members area under Reseller Tools. Click on Build Your List With Solo Ads. Be Forewarned, these solo ads are not cheap!  Our personal recommendations below are definitely more affordable. However, when you CAN afford to invest in the NLS recommended solo ads, we highly recommend it because the results speak for themselves. Our team members see great results using these services.

Our two personal recommendations are Udimi Solo Ads and MLM Leads Auto-Pilot Traffic.

Udimi Solo Ads

NOTE:  Please contact your personal NLS sponsor to request their link to Udimi.

Udimi is free to join. Once a member, you can search the system for solo ad providers. The webinar replay below goes through the steps to search for solo ad providers and purchase a solo ad.  All you need is the link to your capture page.

Currently the best capture pages that are converting well are as follows


Be sure to test your links first by subscribing to the campaign on the capture page.  You should see yourself in the campaign in the members area under Now Lifestyle Product Suite, Lead Capture System, Subscribers

Remember to contact your NLS Sponsor before joining any recommended programs.

MLM Leads Auto-Pilot Traffic

MLM Leads Auto-Pilot Traffic is some of the best traffic out there and converts well with each use.  There are several options to choose from.

For best results, choose the MLM Leads Auto-Pilot Traffic. The minimum order is $47 for 40 clicks which has consistently produced for us.  You will need your NLS Capture page. Currently the best capture pages that are converting well are as follows

You will click the link to purchase the Auto-Pilot Traffic and follow instructions to include your link. Once your purchase is complete, you will have access to the members area where you can locate your affiliate link to share with your personal referrals in Now Lifestyle.

Remember to contact your NLS Sponsor before joining any recommended programs.

Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay of our Training Webinar on these two paid traffic sources


Remember, before joining any of the recommended programs, PLEASE contact your sponsor to see if they are a member

Udimi Solo Ad Service

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

MLM Leads Auto-Pilot Traffic

Click this button to watch now

Free Traffic

There are many sources of Free Traffic and in this section we will cover just two.

  • Social marketing
  • Viral Mailers (Safelists)

Because these topics require a bit more extensive training than required to send a solo ad, we created two separate pages for these two topics.

Access Social Marketing Training here

Access Viral Mailer (Safelist) Training here


Now on to the best part … learning to Follow Up!